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Interesting instead of troops we are going to pay for contracts. So that still means our tax dollars are paying for a fighting force/protection force in Iraq. How is that pulling out? Isn’t pulling out meaning no one left behind the big exit? Do we even care in the first place, not like Iraq will not go into civil unrest with in weeks or months of the United States pulling out.
Is this some sort of good consciousness deal that we must fix the country and leave it in better shape then we found it? I honestly could care less at this point just bring the troops home so more don’t die for a needless cause. If we want the oil that should be a pretty simple process and one we have been doing for years, just does not show out our gas pumps? This is a State Department deal here so why are diplomats and so forth even going back into Iraq once we leave not like we need to be in country any more. If the Iraq’s have not figured it out yet they never will.

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Today CNN ran a poll asking: Should Adultery in a candidate’s past matter to voters?

When I voted no the results where Yes 70% and No 30% by some dramatic amount of voters.

In voting no to me I could care less what someone’s sexual habits are let alone their sexual orientation. Will his make for better decisions when in office no. Does it lend to character not really. All it really tells you is that they are human and have human issues that they deal with. The average marriage last just 11 years as of 2005 numbers those numbers get even smaller the younger you go. Wikipedia gives a 20% chance of divorce in the first 5 years these numbers are again from 2005. As the years click by those numbers are only getting larger and closer together. We in the US look at divorce as really no big deal especially with the advent of the no fault divorce taking effect in 1969 in California and thus spreading nation wide. How many of those divorces where from cheating or cheating taken place but was never divulged are probably astronomical.

I guess to some people if you cheat you’re of a weak mind or the church looks at you, as you’re a sinner. Well being non religious I could care less a piece of ass is a piece of ass. Not like marriage is not the ultimate way of paying for some ass.

To me looking at who is running for office is a much more in depth process then if some one has cheated. As my list of concerns for a candidate goes cheating is probably close to the bottom. One of my top concerns is first amendment issue, the right to bear arms, abortion and many other ideals we as Americans enjoy. The ever shrinking privacy issues is going to becoming even more of a hot button issue.

I would like to hear a candidate’s actual road map for fixing issues and how they plan to go about it. We all know elected officals really have little power as a single entity. But as groups they do have power groups can be as small as 4-10 elected officials. Candidate’s plans for how to work with the other side of aisle is very important to me fighting is getting no one anywhere. Being negative is about as dumb as the candidate can get. Slamming the opposition is really just showing the candidate is not bright so they have little to offer. If the candidate actually told us what they stood for plus how they intended to fix issues we as the general public would probably become much more into the election process. Sadly in America we have let the election process become more of a circus then anything else.

In the last year since Republicans have taken control of the House and the Senate we have seen a complete lack of respect for anyone. We have individuals such as Mitch McConnell that really are a bigger obstacle then they are anything else. We have the John McCain’s of the world that seem to not know what they stand for any more have sold out their entire legacy and ideals for something, even though I am not sure what. Take fact finding mission on subjects that have been beaten to death using tax payers money.

As you look over what we past and current candidates did Bill Clinton getting a BJ from Monica Lewinsky really make a difference? No of course not he is still considered one of our best Presidents of the last 100 years. We the voting public really don’t know anything I would bet that if you asked most x presidents if they had cheated a good deal would tell stories of getting some in the Oval Office. Sadly the people in the office would rather make a big deal of Clinton when he got his BJ then an actual agenda that mattered. Newt Gingrich will never reach the Oval Office due to be a ringleader in this matter. Indiscretions happen so what as long as it is not illegal who cares. If some one comes out as gay who cares sees a hooker because his wife is not there or whatever the reason is. We in America are more into tearing some one apart then anything else. It is that candidates personal business to be handled behind close doors with their significant other.

What gets me the most of all this is candidates any more will not stand up for their true believes and stick to them no matter what. Once elected officials are too worried about reelection to stand firm on the issues that really matter to this country. America are the position today because Elected Officials are too worried what others will think, worried about crossing to the other side or in most cases losing the power and the office. Truly a sad statement that has nothing to do with if candidates or elected officials can keep it in their pants.

Fat and I don’t mean Phat. I mean fat physically over weight big ass guts hanging to ones knees. Arms so big they could be my thighs. Makes me sick to my stomach to see how so many people have become fat lazy slobs. We are a nation of obese people? We eat McDonalds like it is going out of style; we sit on our Asses and watch hours of TV a night.  Not even good TV but shit like Fat Camp or Jersey Shores.

The youth of this country eat so bad that school boards are now stepping in and banning certain foods from campuses. In Chicago parents can’t even a pack a lunch any more. Talk about taking away your rights and freedoms to eat your own food. All of this because a few can’t seem to get it right. Fat people as a group are growing in numbers by leaps and bounds to bad they can’t leap small building let alone curbs.

So should the rest of society suffer because some think that being FAT is cool? Of course not but the farther our politicians and school boards go we are getting to the point of needing the Fat Police. Can you imagine getting a ticket because you drank a Diet Pepsi at lunch even though your height and weight proportionate. I am 5’9” and 170 lbs could I be fat? If you used the American Medical Association charts used for height, weight and age to indicate your body’s ideal index I probably could be.

We still use the food Pyramid that was developed in 1974 that is completely wrong.  In 1994 it was updated but is still way off. (1)Many nutritional experts, like Harvard nutritionist Dr. Walter Willett, believe the 1992 pyramid does not reflect the latest research on dietetics.[7] Certain dietary choices that have been linked to heart disease, such as three cups of whole milk and an 8 oz. serving of hamburger daily, were technically permitted under the pyramid. The pyramid also lacked differentiation within the protein-rich group (“Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, and Nuts”).[8]

Source Wikipedia: (1)

Exercise seems to be a foreign word to many people.  Do a bit of gardening on your yard is not exercise nor is walking for 20 minutes 3 times a week. Humans need vigorous exercise on a daily basis that lasts at least 30 to 60 minutes. The issue is we do not make time for this much needed exercise. Instead we sit on our couch and watch Wheel of Fortune, Wipe Out or some other filler show.

So the crux of the matter is simple should the two masses be held accountable for the other? Basically should the non fat people be lumped into rules such as the Chicago School Districts decision that parents are inept to feed their kids and have to let the school distinct decided.  So many issue come from a decision like this that I won’t even touch but it does leave the underlying question why should I as a parent who’s kids eat healthy and exercise be forced to live with in rules for those that are incapable of doing so.

Personally if your fat and want to look like a beached whale go ahead. But don’t bitch when you have to pay for two airplane seats or you don’t fit in clothes. Don’t go crying to the media and whom ever else just because people stand around making fun of you at work or out and about.  Should I as a taxpayer have to pay for your issues medically that you could of taken care of hell no.  Your FAT you should of listened to your Doctor’s advice that of friends and neighbors or anyone else for that matter. Most of you become Diabetic then need treatment just another place society picks up your tab. Maybe the Fat Police aren’t such a bad idea!

Fat people disgust me the majority of people are just to Politically Correct to say it.

Newt is really just another blow hard for the republican­s. Republican­s seem to have realized that they better scream from the hill tops and the sky scrapers or some one night realize that OMG we actually put America in this position due to pushing for Deregulati­on, lack of oversight and filling our friends pockets with every last cent we can dig up. So of course during this administra­tions time more people are asking for assistance­. We have to you moron with unemployme­nt in reality up over 20% if you include those that are ineligible for unemployme­nt benefits such as independen­t contractor­s or self employed. Neither of these groups get counted.

This entire political party is amazing to me. What is more amazing is how people are suffering to the point of being homeless but still defend the very group of Politician­s doing the least for them and in reality sending them into homelessne­ss. We as a nation have no choice but to help our fellow neighbors class war fare is just driving us into the ground. We actually the ground is already there for many.
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Greed, what constitutes great? Don’t we all know it when we see greed? In a capitalistic society such as the United States of America does the term greed still have a meaning? Being a capitalistic world does greed with stand the moral fiber for which mankind has survived?

Merriam – Websters, Definition of GREED

A selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.

Greed seems to of morally and financially bankrupted our society if you look over the course of the past few years.  We have set ourselves up for financial despair despite huge indicators that we are and where falling as a nation. What has caused this huge wide spread financial despair simple GREED.

Going all the way back to the Reagan era we have been working on deregulation of industry. I can remember as a kid when California deregulated the power industry we had rolling black outs increased costs just to name a few of the issues. Next came the airlines well how many of those are left? Not many.

In the last several years we have watched General Motors go Bankrupt then proceed to get a bailout from the United States government. We have watched Wall Street use the best mathematical minds in the world to devise how to write programs and equations so in depth that even those that made them can’t explain them.  We have watched the likes of Country Wide Mortgage along with other default due to over extension and risky loans that used to be regulated. Now we have an Oil Industry charging up to $4.50 plus a gallon for gas.

So I ask my question again is this Capitalism or Greed?

Seems to me that greed has driven a few to make life for the masses a huge hardship. But this is the United States so that is perfectly legal. We in the USA pat you on the back for figuring out how to bilk your neighbor out of his or her life savings or even the simple monthly check to survive. Even our elected officials that we hold up to a higher standard take from their constituents. The very people we elect year after year to make laws and enforce the laws find ways to steal from the citizens of this great nation all in the name of greed.

Much of the issue in this country is we tend to turn a blind eye to things until it becomes too late. We ignore the power we give to people because we trust them. Power is as much an issue as greed is. Really greed and power go hand in hand the more an individual or corporation can get away with they will. It does not matter if your Republican democrat or for that matter blue it is happening to all of us we are being taken advantage of. Our paychecks if you collect one any more barely meet the weekly or monthly needs of most families.

How do we fix these types of issues? That is a good question but some of that goes to our core thinking as a society.  We are a very ME society we think of ourselves first in what we can do with our money or time. Having nice things is great we all work very hard for that and deserve them. But we as people along with major corporations need to realize we can’t sustain this type of thinking forever. The wheels are falling of the car so to speak very fast. We have two wars going on costing us billions of dollars probably well into the trillions. We have huge amounts of unemployment the numbers are only those that can file for unemployment benefits so that does not include the millions that work on contract basis or are self employed.  These are just the tip of the ice berg as issues go. In the next few years we will lose Section 8 benefits for many low income people for housing. Our schools are in such disrepair that our generation of kids will never see a decent education.

Fixing the issues starts with corporate greed along with tax codes. Why is it that so many corporations get a free ride or close to it on taxes? Why is it that we let Americans business take call centers and manufacturing plants overseas? Why is it that we as a nation insist on being the worlds police force? I sure would like to know the answers to these questions. To me as a decently smart person it seems so simple to make these changes it would take less them 10 minutes of time from the House and the Senate.

Bring our troops home today, we are not going to change anything at all.

Toss the tax code out every scrap of it. Institute a flat tax rate. Make it a simple escalating percentage in 2 or 3 levels. So the wealthy do pay their fair share. For Corporate use a number of employees formula for the levels. Corporations should pay more out then Middle Class folks for taxes.

Cut all foreign aid to everyone including Isreal. Reevaluate the circumstances in 2 to 3 years.

Lat but not least any business that does manufacturing overseas pays import taxes on their goods such as any foreign company would. Plus they get hit with a tax of 10% off of gross. Make it so that jobs stay in the USA.

Unions that are deemed by a mediator to be out of their minds in demands are disbanded.

Outlaw lobbyist of any form, right along with special interest groups. Make it ill legal to except any funds. Election contributions are out too for corporations only citizens can contribute to a campaign no more Pacs either.