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JS is hard to follow some times he is so far left that even myself a left wing democrat think he is a bit over the top. Reality is that the Republican party has no one that can step up to the plate that is going to have more then a fairy tale chance. The recycled candidates they seem to keep coming up with are old and tired. The youth of the party is just not seasoned enough for the old fogies of the party ( the real money men) Then you have an agenda that is not going over well as a hole. Family values is a joke, education is a joke for them, even working on the economy is really something they don’t do well. So that leaves them with typical fair such as Abortion rights gun control and other ideals. The more the party steps away from the economy the more the American public wants to skin them.
So where does this leave the RepublicanĀ­s in shambles in reality over the course of the next 2 years. By the time the elections are here the people will be wanting their heads on a platter!
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