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Interesting instead of troops we are going to pay for contracts. So that still means our tax dollars are paying for a fighting force/protection force in Iraq. How is that pulling out? Isn’t pulling out meaning no one left behind the big exit? Do we even care in the first place, not like Iraq will not go into civil unrest with in weeks or months of the United States pulling out.
Is this some sort of good consciousness deal that we must fix the country and leave it in better shape then we found it? I honestly could care less at this point just bring the troops home so more don’t die for a needless cause. If we want the oil that should be a pretty simple process and one we have been doing for years, just does not show out our gas pumps? This is a State Department deal here so why are diplomats and so forth even going back into Iraq once we leave not like we need to be in country any more. If the Iraq’s have not figured it out yet they never will.

Here is the full article that is from NPR:



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