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Newt is really just another blow hard for the republican­s. Republican­s seem to have realized that they better scream from the hill tops and the sky scrapers or some one night realize that OMG we actually put America in this position due to pushing for Deregulati­on, lack of oversight and filling our friends pockets with every last cent we can dig up. So of course during this administra­tions time more people are asking for assistance­. We have to you moron with unemployme­nt in reality up over 20% if you include those that are ineligible for unemployme­nt benefits such as independen­t contractor­s or self employed. Neither of these groups get counted.

This entire political party is amazing to me. What is more amazing is how people are suffering to the point of being homeless but still defend the very group of Politician­s doing the least for them and in reality sending them into homelessne­ss. We as a nation have no choice but to help our fellow neighbors class war fare is just driving us into the ground. We actually the ground is already there for many.
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