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Fat and I don’t mean Phat. I mean fat physically over weight big ass guts hanging to ones knees. Arms so big they could be my thighs. Makes me sick to my stomach to see how so many people have become fat lazy slobs. We are a nation of obese people? We eat McDonalds like it is going out of style; we sit on our Asses and watch hours of TV a night.  Not even good TV but shit like Fat Camp or Jersey Shores.

The youth of this country eat so bad that school boards are now stepping in and banning certain foods from campuses. In Chicago parents can’t even a pack a lunch any more. Talk about taking away your rights and freedoms to eat your own food. All of this because a few can’t seem to get it right. Fat people as a group are growing in numbers by leaps and bounds to bad they can’t leap small building let alone curbs.

So should the rest of society suffer because some think that being FAT is cool? Of course not but the farther our politicians and school boards go we are getting to the point of needing the Fat Police. Can you imagine getting a ticket because you drank a Diet Pepsi at lunch even though your height and weight proportionate. I am 5’9” and 170 lbs could I be fat? If you used the American Medical Association charts used for height, weight and age to indicate your body’s ideal index I probably could be.

We still use the food Pyramid that was developed in 1974 that is completely wrong.  In 1994 it was updated but is still way off. (1)Many nutritional experts, like Harvard nutritionist Dr. Walter Willett, believe the 1992 pyramid does not reflect the latest research on dietetics.[7] Certain dietary choices that have been linked to heart disease, such as three cups of whole milk and an 8 oz. serving of hamburger daily, were technically permitted under the pyramid. The pyramid also lacked differentiation within the protein-rich group (“Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, and Nuts”).[8]

Source Wikipedia: (1)

Exercise seems to be a foreign word to many people.  Do a bit of gardening on your yard is not exercise nor is walking for 20 minutes 3 times a week. Humans need vigorous exercise on a daily basis that lasts at least 30 to 60 minutes. The issue is we do not make time for this much needed exercise. Instead we sit on our couch and watch Wheel of Fortune, Wipe Out or some other filler show.

So the crux of the matter is simple should the two masses be held accountable for the other? Basically should the non fat people be lumped into rules such as the Chicago School Districts decision that parents are inept to feed their kids and have to let the school distinct decided.  So many issue come from a decision like this that I won’t even touch but it does leave the underlying question why should I as a parent who’s kids eat healthy and exercise be forced to live with in rules for those that are incapable of doing so.

Personally if your fat and want to look like a beached whale go ahead. But don’t bitch when you have to pay for two airplane seats or you don’t fit in clothes. Don’t go crying to the media and whom ever else just because people stand around making fun of you at work or out and about.  Should I as a taxpayer have to pay for your issues medically that you could of taken care of hell no.  Your FAT you should of listened to your Doctor’s advice that of friends and neighbors or anyone else for that matter. Most of you become Diabetic then need treatment just another place society picks up your tab. Maybe the Fat Police aren’t such a bad idea!

Fat people disgust me the majority of people are just to Politically Correct to say it.


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