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Senator McConnell leaves House Republican budget twisting in the wind – TheHill.com

Senator McConnell leaves House Republican budget twisting in the wind – TheHill.com.


Obama Middle East Speech Covers Arab Spring, Need For Reform In Region (VIDEO)

Obama please never play a game of poker your bluff sucks. I have been a supporter of Obama and the Democrats all of my life 38 total years to date. But I have to say Obama is about as weak a President as we have had in the last 30 years since Jimmy Carter. Sadly Obama is not the elder statesmen that Carter is.

We as people could care less if a bunch of Arabs and Muslims go down in a ball of flames. Forgiving the Egyptian debt is a joke like they will spend it on what the United States wants. So basically we forgive a billion then give them another billion to be forgiven later. It is no wonder every country comes back to us wanting money. We never collect on debt, what example is that to the banks or the people of the United States.

This entire Israel and Palastine issue is a joke cut off support to both of them. Give them not a dime and see how long till both of them are back at the table willing to do anything for funding. Stop all the arms shipments to Israel. If you put the Israelis backs to the wall they will cave on many things. But again Obama is to weak to do such a thing it is not democratic or in the best interests of the United States. What interest do we really have in the region other then OIL.
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Botox Mom – Highlights need for education in America

Botox Mom must be the biggest idiot I have heard about in a long time. Not only is she an idiot she is a child abuser. Why are we still even hearing from this clown. We can kill a man from thousands of miles away for terrorism. We can lock some one up for ever as a terrorist at camp Gitmo. But the trailer trash is still talking not only that, she is trying to defend herself saying she took $200 dollars please at least make it a believable amount like ten thousand. No one is going to do that to a child for $200 dollars.

We as Americans let idiots keep on going about life. We have Botox Mom, Octomom who knows what other mom’s are out that fit in with these two. Just goes to show why America needs Abortion funding and pregnancy awareness. In a few hundred years we will be like the people in the movie “idiocracy” how sad of a statement is that. Jersey Shores is a number 1 rated show how does this happen?

Yet we have a President more worried about the Middle East then our own school kids. We have a government that is for all intensive purposes brawling over things most Americans could careless about while slipping past the extension of things such as the Patriot Act for another 4 years.

Maybe the American people really do deserve what is coming to them for being so blind and stupid as to let it happen to us.  We as a hole have voiced very little opposition to anything the government seems to do these days. This includes cutting benefits to Medicare, Social Security and Unemployment to those with out jobs.  Where will it all end? With the average American citizen living in worse conditions then Egypt or Iraq that we give Billion of dollars in aid to? Before worrying about our own people. As of today each citizen of the United States of America owes $46,203.35 to the minute at 10:09pm May19 2011. That is more them most people make in a year. Just think that baby that was born today already owes 47 thousand dollars.

So we start with an idiot like Botox Mom or Octomom  to highlight the dramatic  need for education in this country along with the scary reality that we have let our very own government drive us so far into debt that we will never see the light of day. To think people question why I think in some cases the $2 bullet is the answer to some of our problems.

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John Boehner Stuck Between Tea Party And A Hard Place

This is a scary propositio­n to many devoid of party affiliatio­n. The Tea Party people are ill-inform­ed on the actual economic let alone social issues that would arise if $100 billion was actually cut from a budget. The divide in America is just going to grow wider if this group gets it’s way. With a divide that is so wide it will have the opposite effect that anyone wants. With a fragmented or blown up Republican party all that will happen is the strengthen­ing of the Democratic and Independen­t parties.

I am most surprised that the Democratic party has not seen some soft of group that is out to counter the Tea Party. Or is it that the Democrats like many of the establishm­ent Republican­s look at this rag tag group as a bunch of ill-inform­ed hate filled individual­s that joined a support group to voice their rants. The Democrats do have a much more establishe­d grass roots organizati­on that has proven to me more effective then the Republican­s by far.

The actual scary part is if any of these Tea Baggers where really able to gain a decent amount of control our country would be tied in knots for years unable to fun. With no budgets to work from essentiall­y shutting down the Government and the Country.
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Jon Stewart To Bill O’Reilly: I’d Vote For A Republican, Against Obama (VIDEO)

JS is hard to follow some times he is so far left that even myself a left wing democrat think he is a bit over the top. Reality is that the Republican party has no one that can step up to the plate that is going to have more then a fairy tale chance. The recycled candidates they seem to keep coming up with are old and tired. The youth of the party is just not seasoned enough for the old fogies of the party ( the real money men) Then you have an agenda that is not going over well as a hole. Family values is a joke, education is a joke for them, even working on the economy is really something they don’t do well. So that leaves them with typical fair such as Abortion rights gun control and other ideals. The more the party steps away from the economy the more the American public wants to skin them.
So where does this leave the Republican­s in shambles in reality over the course of the next 2 years. By the time the elections are here the people will be wanting their heads on a platter!
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathered A Child With Member Of Household Staff

WOW this just keeps getting better and better. Arnie is really showing he is a true Republican kids out of wedlock with the help. I wonder if she is an illegal Hispanic too? How many more will there be? Could this guy look any more like a complete buffoon and to think I lived in California at the time he was elected to office he was horrid as a governor. At least we now know what he was doing rather then helping the state he was procreatin­g with the help.

I hope Maria finally realizes she is with a POS and dumbs him for the world to see. This is no way for anyone associated with the Kennedy family to act.
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Senate GOP Votes Down Bill To End Big Oil Subsidies

Sounds like it is time for the American public to get out our voter cards. Keep those names on file for reelection time and vote the trash our of office.
This is not surprising at all but surly disappoint­ing but it has gone beyond common sense let alone for the good of the people. Our Elected Officials must know we will not stand ideally by while they defraud us any longer.
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